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Sound Affair Mastering

Real Analog Mastering For Vinyl, CD & Streaming

  Analog to Digital Transfers

We can transfer a variety of different formats. For tape transfers, we'll inspect each reel, repair edits (if necessary), and perform a full tape alignment prior to the transfer of your material. Your tapes are transferred to our A-to-D converters in real time. Various digital formats and sample rates are available.

Formats available for transfer:

  • 1/4", 1/2", Tape, at operating speeds of - 3 ¾ to 30 IPS
  • Audiocassette & Micro cassettes
  • Phonograph records. lp's, 45's & 78's
  • 16" transcription disks
  • CD, MP3, Minidisk, etc.
  • One - off lacquers and acetate disks
  • Digital tape
  • PCM - F1
  • Doll records