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Sound Affair Mastering

Real Analog Mastering For Vinyl, CD & Streaming


  • Mastering for CD, Vinyl & Streaming

Mastering is the final step in the recording chain, giving your project a consistent, polished, and professional sound. We’ll talk to you about what you want to get out of the mastering process and determine the best way to get you there. [Keep reading...]

  • Lacquer Disk Cutting​

This is the process by which your audio gets cut into grooves on a lacquer disc. [Learn more...]

  • Record Pressing & Printing

We can offer you a complete, professional record pressing service; 7”, 10”, 12” in black or colored vinyl. [Read more...]

  • Analog Tape Layback

If a project is recorded entirely in the digital domain,"warming up" or adding tape saturation is a popular request at the mastering stage. That's where tape layback comes in. [Tell me more...]

  • Audio Restoration & Preservation

We can transfer and restore audio from 78 and LP transcription disks, analog tape, and digital tape formats. [Details...]

  • Analog to Digital Transfers

We can transfer a variety of different formats. For tape transfers, we'll inspect each reel, repair edits (if necessary), and perform a full tape alignment prior to the transfer of your material. [Find out more...]

  • Archival Audio Re-Recording

This is different from audio restoration. It's the faithful re-recording of audio onto a new medium for the purpose of preserving the audio for the future. [More info...]

  • Tape Baking

Some analog tape gets "sticky" as it ages. The tape is dehydrated through a special process called "tape baking," which often makes the tape temporarily playable – long enough to mix or transfer the content to a digital format. [Get the details...]